The advantages of the cinema seat manufacturers in Turkey

In today’s world, many cinema seat manufacturers decided to reduce their production due to their high raw material prices. In contrast, the manufacturers of cinema, theater and conference hall seats in Turkey have turned this crisis into an opportunity and increased their production capacity.

The reason for increasing production capacities is to meet the demand of the producers in Asia, with the loss of price advantages.

Furniture manufacturers in Turkey know how to produce competitive products using low labor advantage despite increasing raw material prices.

Unlike many European furniture manufacturers, producers in Turkey do not buy raw materials from different countries, but supply from the local market. For this reason, even though there are increases on the basis of Turkish Lira, you will realize that raw material prices are increasing below the world average.

The cinema seat manufacturers, which have turned all of this into an opportunity, quickly exported to all markets in America, Africa, Asia, the Middle East and the world.

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