How Far Should You Sit From Your TV?

How Far Should You Sit From Your TV?

Prior to HD television technology; whether it’s Plasma, LCD, DLP, or LED, the earliest consideration for any television buyer is size. I know so many folks that insist on buying the biggest television they can get their hands on no matter what. Pretty much all of them live in relatively small houses, and sit 3 feet from their televisions; it FRUSTRATES ME TO NO END. I argue with them consistently over the fact that they are thinking about watching a 72 inch television from 3 feet away. The principal matter is, there is a TON of information in existence, and most retailers and companies use different recommendations, rather than just making the effort, they purely order the hugest set on the market. The two primary conditions that I personally watch out for are the suggested viewing angle, and recommended range.

The retail merchant specification

Any time I go into a Best Buy, One of the primary activities I accomplish is go to the home theater segment and plop down on one of the leather lounge chairs and experience the magic of whatever movie they have got on display to get a flavor of the most innovative offerings. My local Best Buy for whatever unknown reason is positive that everyone has an extremely large atrium in their television watching area. How far a consumer sits from their television will dictate the best viewing angle. Best Buy’s minimum viewing angle is 32 degrees when seated closest to the television, and 16 degrees when resting afar.

The manufacturer specification

Each separate manufacturer has its own advocated allocation on what the most desirable viewing distance. They are very equal, as to be expected with any big manufacturer. Their minimum viewing angle is 10 degrees, and maximum is 31 degrees.

The THX specification

Personally I make use of the THX specification over manufacturers or big box retailers. THX is the innovator in home theater equipment, so I as a purchaser am more likely to utilize their specifications. One of the main reasons I have confidence in THX over individual manufacturers and retailers is because lots of manufacturers publicise, and sell off their newest products due to the fact they are the most common and most affordable. THX uses a minimum viewing angle of 40 degrees, and a maximum viewing angle of 28 degrees.

The predominant reason recommended range is so relevant and commonly applied is so that HD televisions can provide an immersive experience. The downside is that if a user remains too close to a HD TV set, it can cause migraines, and eye strain, normally through sustained durations of viewing. Personally, for me sitting down approximately six feet away from my 55 inch television makes my head throb, and quite frankly is at times intense.

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