How 7D Cinema Is Different From Its 3D Counterpart

How 7D Cinema Is Different From Its 3D Counterpart

The popularity of 3D movies in the present-day shows that people are looking for more innovation in the theaters that will offer them a close to realistic experience on the screen. With technological advancement showing the cue in short movies that are made in 4D and 5D, there has been an increasing demand to make movie viewing an experience rather than an entertainment. People want more than what they already have, this calls for a change in the way movies are screened to offer that additional impact that will register the experience in the minds of viewers and supporters alike.

7D and 3D – The Difference In Experience

7D cinema offers plenty more than a 3D experience and it is for this difference that audiences throng in theaters that offer 7D shows. To begin with, 7D offers more dimensions to the movie than 3D. Big multiplexes and shopping malls offer 7D and hence it cannot be found everywhere and definitely not in the local cinema that offers regular 3D. It requires some specific add-ons to the 3D magic and hence, a cinema needs to be fully equipped to offer a 7D experience to its audience. The add-ons are special effects – physical effects to be precise. The audience can experience rain, fog, snow, wind and even the fragrance of flowers.

An Overwhelming Emotional Experience

In an effort to involve the audience fully in the movie, the add-on special effects help immensely. It must be understood that the movie screening is as good as any 3D film it is just that these physical effects make it an experience to remember and creates a better impression about the movie that is being screened in the minds of the audiences.

Special Chairs

A 7D movie experience calls for special chairs. These chairs work on hydraulics and help in physical movement that is synchronized with the movie that is shown on – screen. Front and back movements, up and down movements, rotating and tumbling simulations are well captured and the audiences are made to live what it shown on the screen. In addition to that there are special water jets that are positioned in front of the seats that spray water to simulate rain, sneeze, drizzle, waterfalls, etc. Air turbines are used to simulate the wind which in sync with the chair movements is capable of simulating flying, soaring, falling, etc. Special ticklers in the neck, feet, etc. can simulate snakes or worms in the feet or creatures falling on the viewers which offer a realistic experience that is worth the while.

Sensory Touch

The main aspect of 7D is not only providing feast for the eyes but also for all senses. A video that shows a walk in the lavender garden will have the audiences smelling the lavender fragrance for real. A scene that has fire will have smoke effect inside the screening hall, ensuring that the effect is felt by the audience too. In some theaters, even special heaters are fixed to add to the experience. A walk in a snow – capped mountain can have the effect of snowflakes falling inside the hall in addition to the sudden cold breeze that flow from the turbines.

A cold smoke creates a foggy effect and fake showers can replicate rain. Bubbles can also be created to sync with those that are shown in the video with the help of bubble makers that is part of the 7D system. All this may not be available with a 3D experience, which offers just the three – dimensional view of the video screened. All of this is done with the help of a centralized control panel that has a proprietary motion controller installed in it. A personal computer or a laptop is used to control these effects which are centralized and synced into a single controlling system, thus making operations easy and fast.

Safe Bet For Investors

7D has become a safe bet for investors as most of the time the screening is at full capacity all throughout the day. Downtown areas, where the cinemas are run attract local schools and colleges that do not boast of its own science museum and technological projects. Bulk ticket booking is facilitated in most of these theaters which invariably open the gates for students and families that want to enjoy their day out of their regular routine.

With younger audiences yearning for near life thrills and chills, they throng these theaters in search of it. More so, popular malls and shopping centers have 7D theaters as an entertainment dimension to attract crowds. For those who want to make a safe investment or looking for a good profitable business, can take it up as a theater can be set up within a very small area unlike the regulars that require more space.

List of Necessities that Make the 7D Experience Possible

  • Snow oils, bubble oils and pipes to enhance the simulation
  • Motion chairs with electronic, hydraulic and pneumatic systems installed in it
  • High performance speakers to go with the highly effective audio system that give life to sounds
  • Special effect systems that sync with the motion chairs
  • Screen system and projectors for screening the video images

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